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Woman at the well childrens bible story

When the woman realized that Jesus knew all about her life, she thought He was a prophet. She asked a common religious question about where to worship. Jesus said we must worship in spirit and in truth; that's more important than the physical place. We must worship in our heart and do what's right. Privacy Notice: Information you share on this site will not be sold, shared or otherwise given to any third party.


Jesus is the living water

Member's - Younger Children. Member's - Older Children. Children can take the drops home to practice their memory verse or use them to play a game in class.

In class have older children cut water drop shapes from blue paper and write the memory verse words on the water drops. If you have younger children, you can precut the water drops. In class have the children copy the Bible verse onto the water drops one word per drop. Complete lessons are available on The Resource Room for both younger and older children.

Make paper cups using typing paper or, if you have it, freezer paper to store the water drops. Make extra cups so that the children can use them to drink some water. Use white paper to make cups that you will be drinking out of. Fold down the top layer of the top corner along the top edges of the folded corners. Turn the bucket over and turn the top corner over the same way. Glue the handle to one of the halves of the paper plates and then glue the paper plate halves together to form the cup of the scoop.

In class have your children color the scoop and write the Bible verse in the center of the scoop. Complete lessons are available on The Resource Room for both younger and older children above. Cut water drop shapes from blue card stock and have your children write one word from the Bible verse on each water drop.

Use this craft to play a relay game. Set up two bowls on one side of the room and line up two teams opposite the bowls on the other side of the room.

Have the children take turns carrying one paper water drop across the room and dropping it into the bowl using only their water scoops. If a water drop does not fall in the bowl, the child may not pick it up. The team that finishes first and has the most water drops in the bowl wins.

Play another game to see which team can put the water drops in order to spell out the Bible verse first. Before class cut water drop shapes from blue card stock so that they fit inside the cup.

Make enough water drops so each craft has enough to write one word of the verse on each water drop. In class have your children string the water drops in order on the string tying each water drop to the string before they add another water drop. Have your children color the cup and write the Bible verse on one side.

Punch a hole in the bottom of the cup and string the yarn through the hole. Tape the string to the bottom of the cup. You will need a large box painted to look like a well, large bowl of water, a ladle, a cup, and dress up clothes. Have the children dress up in Costumes as Mary. Younger children will want to dress up like Mary because she gets to play in the water. Have a teacher dress up like Jesus. To act out: Jesus comes up to the woman sitting at the well and asks for a drink of water.

The woman gives him a drink. Jesus tells the woman that God loves her. Have each child take a turn being Mary. If you teach older children go into more detail about the living water.

We crafted a small well from Styrofoam blocks, spray painted it gray, and placed a bucket of water inside with a ladle. As we told the story about Jesus and the woman at the well, we let the kids eat pretzels but did not offer a drink. At the end of the story we asked them if they were getting thirsty. Just like in the story, when Jesus helped the woman, we all brought our cups to the "well" and filled them with water. The kids thought it was fun too! This pencil holder has the verse, "He who believes in Me shall never thirst.

This craft goes with the lesson, The Woman at the Well which also comes with games and activities. Baby Gift Bible - Keepsake Edition. Water-drop shaped Bible verse cards and a paper cup to hold the water drops.

Fold over the right, bottom corner so that the point meets the left edge of the triangle. Fold over the left, bottom corner so that the point meets the right edge of the triangle. What you will need: White Paper Paper 9-oz.

Woman at the Well: A Story of a Loving God

Easter Lent Cross God's Love. Resurrection Holy Spirit Christian Living. Living Water. Children's story - Woman at the Well. We get thirsty and need to keep filling up with water.

The Woman at the Well A story about the woman of Samaria. Text Version Afrikaans.

The Woman at the Well in John 4 is an important Bible story for kids. Jesus explains that He is the Living Water. Use our Bible object lesson to share this message with the children in your church. Main Objective: The story of Jesus and the woman at the well reminds us of a couple of essential insights. This reminds us that we want to share the message of Jesus with everyone.

Spiritual Rebirth: The Samaritan Woman at the Well

John , Lessons. Read John You may also want to explain to the children about the relationship between the Samaritans and the Jews; how the Jews avoided the Samaritans and did not associate with them. To understand some of the reasons why there was hatred between the Jews and the Samaritans you may want to read this article. You may also want to communicate the story through one of the videos below:. Have pictures of people that you and the children know well such as members of the church or local community people. Also mix in some pictures of famous celebrities or cartoon characters that they might recognize. Say: Jesus knew the Samaritan woman. He knew everything she ever did.

Disappearing Water Trick Object Lesson for The Woman at the Well Lesson

Kids will learn that God wants us to share Jesus with everybody. Everybody eats Cheerios. In fact, for many babies, it's one of the first solid foods they eat. Kids will learn that the good news of Jesus is for everyone.

Member's - Younger Children.

The story of the woman at the well is one of the most well known in the Bible; many Christians can easily tell a summary of it. On its surface, the story chronicles ethnic prejudice and a woman shunned by her community. But take look deeper, and you'll realize it reveals a great deal about Jesus' character. Above all, the story, which unfolds in John , suggests that Jesus is a loving and accepting God, and we should follow his example.

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From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is full of stories that have a purpose, some of which are used to remember the wonderful things that God has done for us and to help parents teach their children how God wants them to live through the examples of the lives of the people we read about therein. Here are some of the important short Bible stories for kids that every Christian child should know:. In the beginning, there was nothing; everything was formless, and darkness covered the surface of everything. Only God existed.

By Rev. John Trigilio, Jr. Kenneth Brighenti. The Samaritan woman at the well is no angel. Mixed up with a wrong crowd, this poor woman from Samaria has quite a reputation.

The Samarian Woman at the Well

Jesus answered, "Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life. Which drink would you choose? Give the children time to answer. Your answer probably depends on whether you are actually thirsty or just want something to drink. The number one choice that children make is soda pop.

Two award-winning children's-book authors team up for a more modern, feminist take on stories of girls and women in the Hebrew Bible. In biblical times, wells.

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Watch the video above and talk about it with your family. Learn more. This is Q4L9 in our Explorers curriculum. Jesus had been traveling around teaching the people that he came to save the world from sin.

Have children place their hands under running water in a sink and then drink a cup of water. Afterward, hold up a glass of water and a picture of Jesus. Paraphrase the story from John Jesus can help us live forever.





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