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What guys want out of a relationship

Even though each man has his own unique qualities, there are certain qualities in women that will leave any man desiring for her. If you are looking for a way to make him fall in love with you, you will need to understand what the man wants in a relationship and what will make him desire you more than on a deeper level. Here are the top 15 things that will make a man desire you more and commit to love you forever more. Play is one of the things that will cause men to desire you on a deeper level. One fact of life is that men love to stay active and to play.

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Many men prefer to focus on a single task at a time, and holding a conversation is a task in itself. If you want to watch a sho Are we talking now, or are we watching TV now? Pick one. Are we on a fairly clear highway, driving somewhere? Guess what else is a task in itself: trying to get to sleep. Want to have a deep conversation with your man?

When his head hits the pillow is not the time. It was a casual outing with friends during the initial days of our marriage. We were all bundled up in a vehicle, off on a long drive. The moment he did that, all froze! They were worried about my reaction and started trying to cover it up.

It was hilarious! I tried to control my laughter and told them that I knew about her. His past was an integral part of who he was. It was not kept hidden from me. I had met some and was able to speak about them. As for the others, I looked forward to catching up with them too, I responded. With this, he directed the attention towards himself and became the target of their jokes. I joined too :p. A good relationship is based on trust.

No one is infallible. And no one should feel hemmed in by one relationship. This needs to be understood by the woman in his life. Apart from the relationship arena, understanding and lack of a judgemental approach is equally important in other aspects of life too. The guy may take some decisions on his own or prevail in some matters that may not have the desired outcome.

Rather, a mutual dialogue and attempt to see his reasons for any action can be more beneficial. If this reassurance is missing, then subterfuge becomes part of the relationship.

And it corrodes from within. It can be equally applicable to both parties is what I feel. He can be himself, without any judgement. And as his wife and friend, I understand how important this space is :. As a heterosexual male I am only attracted to a female who is very feminine, agreeable and easy to get along with. I cannot tolerate competitive females who are not willing to cooperate and have no intention of solving problems. I need a female who is very affectionate and understands the importance of regular cuddles and skin on skin contact, as well as regular love making, at least once a week.

I do not tolerate mind games and believe in honest, deep and meaningful conversations. I prefer a domesticated female partner who is very tidy and organised. I cannot tolerate materialistic females who spend money on unnecessary items and accumulate junk, and are financially irresponsible and consumption focused instead of investment focused.

I prefer females who take pride in their appearance and maintain their weight. I need a female who understands a male considers his place of residence his personal castle with privacy and peace and quiet at all times. Yeah, kissing the person we love is like doing drugs for us. Yeah, we like it when you do that but not all the time. Once in a week is fine. Makes us feel like we are dating a girl. Yeah, our threshold is very low.

We are like a petrol driven car. Plus we like to do it most with a girl we are in love. That feeling of passion is extraordinary and the love that is generates in us for you is phenomenal. We like to dominate in a relationship but not to a very large extent. Makes us feel like a man.

We like it when you open up about our relationship to others. Makes us feel like you really are committed to it. Takes the load off our minds. This is what men want and dont want in a good relationship. The image above illustrates perfectly metaphorically what I want in a good relationship. This is simply not true! Though great, it is better as an add-on. I am not agree to question itself for every guy.

May be some guys really want to be in good relationship, but others just do time pass and to play with girls and to be with someone chosen by family. To show in family they are best children and out in college and other places shows that , they are dude see they have gf etc. I have so many proof, these guys how they talk about girls behind them, even girl is dedicated to them so much.

Please check the screenshots below , it is one of my cheaters, who cheated me from behind, and you say guys want in a good relationship, not every guy. That guy says to him yes chod le, this is so embarissing, how could someone be in relationship can become like dalal for girl who loves him more than anything in the world. Do you think guy wants to be in good relationship. I thought he will be the best person for me, but he played so well, slowly slowly , I came to know about how this guy was using me just for the gf sake.

Does he ever wanted good relationship, never, he was simply using. Do you think guys really need good relationship , not everyone. See, bcz its been 5 years by mistake from my side, bcz of 5 years he wanted breakup. So nice and you think guys wants to be in good realtionship, but this guy never, he only wanted to fuck off. Even , when I was in relationship, this guy proposed any other girl wow, does like this guy want to be in relationship, he just had a fun and used me.

I have hidden his name , bcz i am not like him to abuse him infront of everyone, But you know God is there , he will take care and he will have to pay for it, because he has broken the trust of the girl who has loved him madly and he broken by very big conspiracy.

Only Ma behen ki, yaa maa chudaa rakhi h, etc. Kaash , I hope these guys could have thought that girls are also someone else sister, will they say for their sister, no way and will be a great son in front of their parents. Trust me , these type of people should not exists only in this world, who just use people for their sake and fun and leave them broken.

I have so many proof, I regret so much, that even Rapist are better than these people, who never respect or care about the girl , who loved him like anything else, and they just played with those feelings. Hate this world for these kind of people. Its very hard to trust even really if someone wants any relationship or just body. For me personally, I want a best friend, lover, partner and just all around cool cool chick that gets me.

I need to be loved and respected and cuddled and kissed and the occasional affirmation of her love for me. Basically, I need the same things I give. I like physical touch, not just sex, and I like making her the center of my attention most of the time.

I like that she accepts, generally likes, and responds positively I like that she accepts, generally likes, and responds positively to the way I show love to her. I need my significant other to be able to accept my love the way I give it just as much as I need these other things from them.

I want someone to talk to. I want someone to listen to. I want someone to look at. I want someone to watch me. I want someone to love. I want someone to bitch at. I want someone to agree with. I want someone to argue with. I want someone to sing with. I want someone who sings awfully. I want someone to watch TV with. I want someone to complain at about what TV they watch. I want someone to have mad crazy passionate monkey sex with. I want someone to cuddle.

I'd like a thin girl with red hair and a bony butt or maybe a buxom dark haired girl with a peach bum

We’re here for you.

If you're single, you want to find love and you have a dream guy in mind. And you know the things that you want to find in your dream guy. Sure, it's subjective and personal for everyone, but there are probably some traits that you want him to have that most girls would agree with. You want someone who is sweet, funny, smart, interested in a committed relationship, close with his family but not weirdly close , has some cool hobbies and has a great work ethic. You know who you need to date -- a guy who takes care of you but lets you be yourself and have your own life, too -- and you know what you hate in a relationship, like when your boyfriend is always causing drama or starting fights.

Women are often reprimanded for being complicated creatures, but the truth is that men can be just as guilty of sending mixed signals to the opposite sex. A lot of the reasons for why revert back to society's traditional line of thought around masculinity — and what's deemed "cool" or not — but let's be honest: That's no excuse.

Many men prefer to focus on a single task at a time, and holding a conversation is a task in itself. If you want to watch a sho Are we talking now, or are we watching TV now? Pick one.


Subscribe To Our Newsletter! Whether you are just getting into a relationship or have been in one for decades, it is useful to know what men want in a relationship. It can easy to assume they want exactly what you want, but that does not always prove to be accurate. Below are various ways to give a man what he wants in a relationship. If you can apply all of these to your relationship, then you can guarantee your relationship will be a healthy one and your man will appreciate your effort. While this piece of advice might seem very obvious, many people easily fall into relationships that are just convenient even though there is no strong attraction there. Early on, there are ways that you can inadvertently lessen his attraction to you.

Men Confess What They Really Want From a Relationship

Talk to us. I have discovered a stark contrast between what each sex thinks the opposite sex wants from them and what the opposite sex really does want. What women think men want from them often causes women to have resentment and anger toward men, and feel hopeless about ever developing a wonderful, warm, romantic partnership. What men think women want from them often causes them much of the same feelings and frustration. The sad part is that it does not have to be this way, if only we would realize that both men and women are human beings first and pretty much want the same thing.

Photo by Stocksy. No, most men are not in the habit of saying what they want.


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