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Quotes about love with a married man

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Quotes About Loving A Married Man

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Find it here! I was in love with a mm for approximaately 9 yrs. There was a time in that 9 yrs when we had no contact. My ex-husband was dying of cancer, and I went back to care for him until his death. After his death, the mm and I resumed our relationship. About 1 yr ago he moved out of the house, and we had been discussing marriage during that time.

For a period of time I was living in another state. We continued the relationship and every couple of months we would drive, or fly to a location to meet. He then spent quite a bit of money to move me back to the town in which he lives.

Within 48 hours on my return to town, he then informed me that this relationship will not work. For the past 3 months I have endured great heartbreak. His reason for this breakup is that he needs to get right with God. His attitude now is "sorry", but this is not my problem.

I no longer hear from him, nor does he return my calls. For every woman who thinks that wasting those valuable years will get you the man "of your dream" may I encourage you to wake up and smell the coffee. Believe it or not, this man has decided to return home to his "wonderful wife. Not only was I aware of their problem, but many people in the community were aware.

Now all of a sudden she is wonderful, and I am the intruder. I am realizing that I was living a rose colored existence, wasting time and opportunities. Please ladies wake up to the truth. In the end you are used and damaged goods; having to spend much time in recovery from something that has hurt you deeply. I'm facing same situation as yours. He is being open to me from the very beginning that he's married with 2 kids. However, last month he wanted both of us not to contact each other frequently anymore.

He said that if we're kept continuing to contact each other frequently, both of us will fall down into this dark hole.. I guess he just wanna tell me to leave him alone in a nicest way possible. I am very much in love with a married man. And although I occasionally feel sad and lonely, that is far outweighed by the joy his presence in my life brings.

I am in the midst of a divorce myself. We both have children and understand, without the shadow of a doubt, that the welfare of the children comes first.

No matter what. Which means if his wife has a family outing planned, then so be it. I cannot and will not question it. Nor will he. It is part and parcel of being involved with someone who's tied up elsewhere. We have never made any promises to one another with the exception of this one: When the time comes that this has to end, it will undoubtedly be with tears, sorrow, anger Love is a wonderful gift.

And I would never, ever trade the love I have and receive for anything. Being a mistress can be hard. Once you understand and accept that, the rest falls into place.

You don't need commitment to fall in love. And you certainly don't need anyone promising you anything to fall in love. Love happens. And it's good as long as you BOTH understand and acknowledge the rules by which you will be playing. Will one or both of us get hurt when this is over? Of course. But him being married has nothing to do with that. And him being married doesn't mean it HAS to end. It will end when the gods say it will. I just feel blessed to have love in my life, in all its beautiful forms.

I was in love with this man in how many years. He's my first boyfriend he leave the country and we miss our communication after 9 years with no breaking ups we meet each other and as what i feel he's my man.. But in other side he's married and had a cute son. How sad i was when We talked ofcouse i get mad at him but i realized that hes not my destiny..

But what can i do as times pass by we've been together happy and contented with our presence.. I know this was wrong but he promise me and said he is willing to give up his wife and son just for me.. What will i do? Im still love him but he's a married man.. Everything is perfect except for the fact that he's a married man! Great post. I am seeing my ex-boyfriend High School Sweetheart we dated in high school and for 2 years after so a total of 5 years.

We broke up because he cheated on me with his now wife. We didn't see each other for about a year and a half then we ran into each other and I gave him my new phone number he called the next day wanting to catch up. We went to a park and talked for hours I knew right then that I still loved him. I told myself to run right then and there but for some reason my heart wouldn't let me so I stayed. Here I am 7 months later and still seeing him. At the beginning I told myself to hold on tight to my heart but like I said before I loved him still so he already had it.

My friends told me they will support me whatever I do which most of them have. One of them tells me she will support my choice, but she does not hide how much she hates him. She says he has destroyed me, that the old me isn't here anymore. She hates that he is using my weakness against me.

She tells me this and I know she is right, I have lost myself somewhere in these 7 months. But every time I tell myself that this is to much for both him and I, I can't leave. So for now I am going to enjoy being with him and when it ends I know we both will be hurt, but it is an unavoidable things.

Wow this has been an eye opener I have been seeing a married man for 8 months now, he was open and honest about his relationship and at first I was hesitant and told him I could not do this, I did not want to be part of such a sin.

Well guess what I fell in love with him, he is so sweet,caring and I thought honest but after reading this it puts me to think.. Im 19 years old and I have been in love with the same man for 4 yrs. He was my first love. I never had the courage to tell him how I felt about him. He is my bffs next door neightbor and I am usually there all the time so we each other. Last summer he got married.

When I found out I was heartbroken, devastated and depressed. For years he was and still is the only person I think of every morning when I wake up untill I go to sleep. Today I saw him for te first time in years and we talked for a while. It was the best feeling in the world.

Our conversation got personal and he told me how he felt about me before he was married. He said he was in love with me and I was the only person hed ever think about. I finaly told him how I felt about him too. We slept together and he went home after words to ask his wife for a divorse. It turned out their marrage wasnt working. I went home so excited and the happiest I felt my whole life Two hours later I get a call from him telling me that his wife is pregnant and he has to be with her for the sake of his unborn child You can imagine the devistation im feeling now.

I see everyone says he was open and honest from the beginning but my married man lyed for nine months, he still hasn't fully admitted it, but I did an internet search and not only did I find he indeed was married but had a child outside of his 25 year marriage, and that he MN is ten years older than he told me he was.

It is now almost two years, my heart And mind want to leave him alone, but its hard I'm alone my youngest is about to graduate and be out of the house. I have no friends I seldom see the family I have out here and I recognize he plays on my vulnerability but I. I took myself on flights of fantasy thinking I was better What you soe.

He Is A Married Man But Loving Him Has Been The Best Decision Of My Life

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Married Man Quotes

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In Love With A Married Man Quotes

Find it here! I was in love with a mm for approximaately 9 yrs. There was a time in that 9 yrs when we had no contact. My ex-husband was dying of cancer, and I went back to care for him until his death. After his death, the mm and I resumed our relationship.



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