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Metal gear solid 5 find man on fire remains

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This is merely the exciting prologue to the upcoming main event. Metal Gear Solid 5's world is much more cynical and grounded than that of the other games, with Ocelot's weary frankness a window on the machinations of East and West. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is a gameplay marvel, rewarding intelligence and creativity in a way few games do. And here, at last, is our review. The Verdict 93 Masterpiece.

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Metal Gear Solid V:PP Remains of Man on Fire Location

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With funding from the Philosophers' Legacy , Volgin established the huge fortress of Groznyj Grad , where he had the nuclear-armed Shagohod developed. A physically imposing figure, his body also carried a permanent electric charge, and he specialized in electric shock attacks.

After being burned alive during Operation Snake Eater , Volgin's comatose body was retrieved and experimented on by Soviet scientists. His desire for vengeance kept him alive for many years, and through the psychic influence of Tretij Rebenok , he awakened as the Man on Fire and set out to enact his revenge. Volgin was born sometime between and , and later became a boxing champion as a young adult.

During the war, Volgin gained a reputation as the most brutal and cold-blooded of the Soviet spymasters. He took part in the Katyn massacre , in which the NKVD murdered over 20, Polish officers, where he often removed the prisoners' blindfolds before beating them to death, placing the blame on a prisoner revolt to allay any fears.

He was also implied to be involved in similar massacres in Ukraine and Belarus during anti-guerrilla operations, boasting afterwards that he had personally "disposed" of over , anti-communist activists.

Volgin was later involved in putting down the unrest in East Germany in and Hungary in Prior to , Volgin learned of the Philosophers' Legacy following his father 's death, and illegally inherited a microfilm containing records of the enormous cache of funds. Kennedy's assassination in November , and Khrushchev's resulting weakening, Volgin then conspired with the Brezhnev faction, anti-government groups, and the military to overthrow the Khruschev regime and seize power via installing Leonid Brezhnev and Alexei Kosygin in his place.

Volgin later used the Legacy, as well as the help of the anti-Khrushchev faction led by Brezhnev, to construct the Groznyj Grad -fortress in the mountains of Tselinoyarsk as well as convert an abandoned prison facility into the Granin Design Bureau, and presumably procured the blueprints for the Objekt tank, after the project was shelved for being too costly.

He used the Legacy to build at least eight of them. However, after it became apparent that Granin's idea was not producing the results he desired, Volgin was forced to turn to Sokolov's Shagohod idea, despite the latter being on Khrushchev's side.

At some point, Volgin became acquainted with GRU major Ivan Raidenovitch Raikov , who became his favorite soldier, as well as his lover. In large part because of this, he protected Raikov from the hands of the Soviet military tribunal, regarding the latter's frequent abuse of the soldiers under his command.

Volgin, under the rank of Colonel, contacted The Boss on July 24, using a Philosophers' spy network suggesting that she defect to the Soviet Union in order to overthrow Khrushchev without endangering his position in GRU.

The Boss accepted the offer, although he did not realize that this was actually intended by the U. Government in a plot to gain his Philosophers' Legacy, as well as inadvertently exposing the Shagohod's development, or at the very least large details of its development, to the government.

A month later, he was present during the Virtuous Mission , where he supervised the formal defection of The Boss to the Soviet Union, and more specifically to his unit.

He also ordered The Boss to kill Naked Snake to silence him because he saw his face, and because The Boss refused to let him join them.

Unbeknownst to him, however, Snake survived being thrown into the river. Two hours later, Volgin's forces attacked the Design Bureau and successfully seized the Shagohod. Volgin then surveyed the gifts from The Boss: A Davy Crockett launcher and one of the two shells, while celebrating his successfully getting the Cobra Unit to join his side.

However, Major Ocelot then directed his attention to a woman on board named Tatyana. Volgin then decided to keep her due to her being "quite a catch. Unfortunately, Volgin, in a move seemingly not anticipated by the U.

Government, had shortly thereafter fired an American-made Davy Crockett at Sokolov's research facility , destroying it in a nuclear explosion as he felt they no longer had any use for it, and "framing" the U. He then forced Sokolov to continue with the Shagohod project, alongside several other scientists and engineers, forcing them to continue work for a week.

He planned to use it to not only launch a nuclear strike against America, but also mass-produce the weapon throughout the Eastern Bloc, as well as orchestrate various uprisings throughout the world to fan the flames of war.

During the operation, Volgin was constantly enraged at Naked Snake's actions, and of the actions of a spy among their ranks. He was unaware that the spy he hated was in fact Sokolov's supposed lover Tatyana, a woman he constantly abused. At one point, Volgin threatened Sokolov, when the scientist showed resistance to completing the Shagohod, by electrocuting Tatyana in front of him.

When The Boss reported to him that The Pain had died, this greatly angered him enough to punch part of the wall to Ponizovje's warehouse. Volgin then dragged Tatyana off so she could "entertain" him until the rain stopped. He also suspected Granin of being the spy in his ranks, and had him arrested and then tortured him by trapping Granin inside a drum can. He then frequently punched and kicked it with his electrical and physical abilities, killing Granin in the process before he could talk, with the beatings being severe enough that the drum can eventually started having an ample amount of Granin's blood seep out.

Volgin discovered a transmitter inside Granin's shoes, meaning the latter was either the spy or that it was planted on him without his knowledge. After Ocelot expressed disgust at both his pointless slaughter of Granin and for the incident with the Davy Crockett earlier, Volgin arrogantly dismissed his protest by citing his being in charge, and also proceeded to sarcastically suggest that Ocelot report him to the authorities before lecturing him about how, due to it being a Cold War fought with espionage and information, it is necessary to root out any and all spies, as well as chastising Ocelot regarding his feelings due to it being a threat to the Soviet Union's existence before reiterating that there was indeed a spy within Groznyj Grad.

When Ocelot tried to protest again, Volgin then sternly revealed that the C3 cache had been stolen from the armory, and knew Snake wasn't the culprit since he hadn't reached the fortress, before The Boss, delivering bad news about The Fear and The End's demise, chastised Volgin about suspecting his own men, to Volgin's fury. The Boss then implied that Snake was after the Philosopher's Legacy, causing Volgin great concern, as well as that Snake was about to kill her.

He also ordered a Hind helicopter and additional manpower to patrol Krasnogorje to heighten its defenses against Naked Snake infiltrating Groznyj Grad. In his fortress of Groznyj Grad, Volgin found and captured Naked Snake, however, when Snake disguised himself as Volgin's lover, Raikov, in order to find Sokolov he deduced that he wasn't Raikov because Raikov and Naked Snake's testicle sizes were different [13].

After discovering Snake, he proceeded to beat him to a pulp for attacking Raikov. After Snake was knocked unconscious, Volgin took Snake to an interrogation cell. He then proceeded to interrogate Sokolov over who Khrushchev's "lapdog" was and who he gave the Shagohod data to, but apparently killed him from the beatings. He then proceeded to torture Snake through electrocution and beatings.

He told her to cut out his eyes to prove that she wasn't the spy in his ranks. Tatyana intervened, which prompted Ocelot to threaten her by juggling his pistols and firing. Snake saved Tatyana by shoving Ocelot, but the bullet he fired grazed his right eye, blinding him in that eye.

Satisfied with Snake losing at least one eye, Volgin departed, and Snake was taken back to his cell. As Volgin intended to continue his torture of Snake at a later point, he also allowed Snake to retain his medical kit so he could dress his injuries, as well as his radio for unknown reasons.

Snake, however, escaped the cell. When Volgin discovered that Snake escaped his cell when arriving at the prison, he also ordered a full lock-down of the base, forcing Snake to jump off a waterfall from the sewers to escape the GRU forces, as his planned escape route was sealed as a result of the lock-down.

After the Shagohod was completed, Volgin granted the scientists and engineers the rest they needed. However, it was believed that he was also planning to execute all of them after the phase 2 trials to ensure that they didn't expose the Shagohod's existence.

Following a tip from Ocelot, Volgin's forces apprehended EVA as she attempted to steal the Philosophers' Legacy microfilm from the underground vault of Groznyj Grad, revealing her true identity as the spy. Shortly thereafter, he discovered Snake's infiltration of the Shagohod hangar, with the assistance of Ocelot and The Boss, and captured him.

With an unconscious EVA present, Volgin expressed dismay that his "precious, little pet" was a traitor, and planned to have her executed.

He also briefly fired a bullet at Ocelot to ward him off, after the latter protested at being denied the chance to fight Snake. Despite Volgin's extraordinary electrical abilities, Snake proved to be an able opponent. Anticipating that the battle may shift in Snake's favor, Volgin ordered Ocelot to shoot him. However, when his subordinate refused to obey citing a promise he had made to The Boss , Volgin responded with an electric attack, which Ocelot countered.

When an announcement over the hangar's PA system alerted him to the discovery of Snake's C3 explosives , Volgin instead ordered Ocelot to locate them, which he reluctantly left to carry out.

Resuming the fight with Snake, Volgin proceeded to use his electric abilities to levitate and ignite several bullets around him and fire in a circle, challenging Snake to dodge the attack.

In defiance of Volgin's onslaught, Snake successfully exploited openings in the Colonel's attacks and defeated him, with Volgin forced to his knees, coughing up blood. Although the C3 explosives successfully detonated, bomb disposal personnel had managed to drain the fuel tanks to which they had been planted, preventing the Shagohod's destruction.

Commandeering the vehicle, Volgin escaped the burning hangar and pursued Snake and EVA on their motorcycle , also announcing his survival by declaring that it isn't over yet and taunting them about how there was no escape for them.

As the chase proceeded through Groznyj Grad, Volgin laid waste to the base in an attempt to kill them, even going as far as to shoot down his own men with the Shagohod's machine guns, run over them, and ram into both a Mi Hind and a WiG aircraft.

After reaching the base's runway, he activated the Shagohod's booster rockets in an attempt to crush Snake and EVA, almost frying Ocelot behind him as revenge for his earlier disobedience, and also killing several GRU bikers in the process.

However, EVA and Snake narrowly evaded him by turning to the path leading to the bridge, with Volgin, when noticing their evading him, braking the Shagohod, with the sudden stop being such that Volgin was temporarily stunned from it jolting to a halt before resuming his pursuit of his quarry alongside several other GRU bikers. Even when the Shagohod failed completely due to Snake's RPG attacks, Volgin refused to give up, powering it with his own electricity.

Standing atop the ruined machine, Volgin was suddenly struck by a bolt of lightning, which set him alight and caused the ammunition in his bandoleers to discharge, with Snake calling it "a fitting end. Despite Volgin's defeat, his desire to have Khrushchev ousted from power and replaced with Leonid Brezhnev nonetheless came to pass.

In addition, contrary to reports made as a result of Operation Snake Eater, Volgin had actually survived his battle with Snake, albeit with serious enough injuries to leave him in a comatose state. His survival was not explainable by then-modern science, even taking into account how the colonel, due to his electrokinetic abilities, was never an ordinary man in the first place.

His body was later recovered by Soviet scientists and taken to a research institute on the outskirts of Moscow that focused on paranormal abilities in individuals, where it was kept alive for scientific preservation and presumably experimentation.

Ultimately, the only thing keeping Volgin alive was his desire for revenge against Naked Snake, which also had the side effect of turning him into a figurative "demon. Six years after Volgin's defeat , his defeat at the hands of Naked Snake had spread across the Soviet Union, making Snake somewhat of a hero to the Soviet people, as well as in America.

In addition, the Soviet government could now deliver justice to Major Raikov's abuse of his rank, as Volgin's influence prevented them from doing so beforehand. Because of Snake's role in Volgin's supposed death, Raikov was initially reluctant to join Snake and Campbell's resistance against Gene when he was rescued, although he eventually relented. Before being killed by Snake, Gene revealed that a " deviously cunning strategist " had deliberately planned for the event that Volgin of GRU would use a U.

Nineteen and a half years after Operation Snake Eater , at exactly the same time when Venom Snake had awoken from his coma, Volgin's body became active, beginning his rampage as the "Man on Fire. Volgin's rage against Naked Snake influenced Tretij Rebenok's mind, and using the child's psychic abilities, his body was revitalized, having gained pyrokinesis along with his electric powers.

It was because of Volgin discovering Big Boss's survival and coma that Big Boss and Ocelot were forced to accelerate their plans for a decoy. Having recently awakened from a coma, Venom Snake was being escorted to safety by Ishmael when they briefly encountered Tretij Rebenok in front of an elevator, shortly before it exploded. From the flames emerged the "Man on Fire", which advanced towards the duo until the emergency sprinklers activated, forcing him to retreat.

He later reappears at various points of the hospital in trying to prevent Venom Snake's escape, killing XOF forces led by Skull Face every time they posed as an obstacle. After being subdued by Ishmael outside the hospital, Volgin would recover and give chase to Ocelot and Venom Snake whom he mistook for Big Boss while riding on a demonic unicorn-like apparition with Tretij Rebenok.

During the chase, Ocelot briefly recognized Volgin and commented about him being "back from the dead. At some point, Skull Face managed to locate both Tretij Rebenok and Volgin, adopting them both as weapons after discovering he could control the both of them due to his intense hatred of Big Boss.

During this time, it is heavily implied that Skull Face used the Man on Fire as cleanup regarding failed Vocal cord parasite experiments, one of which had been Malak 's home village. Volgin then nearly pinned down and strangled Venom Snake during the ensuing confrontation, but was forced to let him escape temporarily after Tretij Rebenok ended up using his powers to smother Shabani in smoke, resulting in Volgin being left paralyzed long enough for Venom Snake to escape his grip. Volgin chased Venom Snake which resulted in the two engaging in battle.

He was later subdued by being doused in large amounts of water, thereby allowing Venom Snake to escape. As Sahelanthropus' loading platform rolled forwards Eli had Volgin walk into the wheels, crushing himself. Nonetheless, he survived, and some Soviet personnel retrieved the body and placed it at the Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost. Ocelot suspected the true identity of the Man on Fire from one of Skull Face's statements about men becoming demons and reanimating the dead due to residual desires for revenge.

Venom Snake would later retrieve his body during a separate mission in Afghanistan.

Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin

With funding from the Philosophers' Legacy , Volgin established the huge fortress of Groznyj Grad , where he had the nuclear-armed Shagohod developed. A physically imposing figure, his body also carried a permanent electric charge, and he specialized in electric shock attacks. After being burned alive during Operation Snake Eater , Volgin's comatose body was retrieved and experimented on by Soviet scientists.

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Deploy to the north of the outpost and get on top of the hill above the outpost. Mark all of the enemies and then give the order to Quiet to rain hellfire from above. But don't sit around waiting for her to snipe everyone! Provide extra backup for Quiet and launch grenades to thin out the remaining soldiers. After the mission, the Fire Man's remains will be placed inside a cell at the Quarantine Platform.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Secrets and Easter Eggs

Availability: this mission unlocks automatically as you progress through the game you have to unlock the map of Africa and complete side ops. Description: The objective of this mission is to eliminate eight Puppets that can be found on Bampeve Plantation. You will find them outdoors, but also inside small cages. D-Dog can help you identify all the targets. A lot of Puppets are wearing heavy armor, so using a regular rifle is not a very good idea. You should use a rocket launcher and throw grenades inside the buildings you won't have to lure them outside. Description: All the Puppets connected to this mission are located in Bwala ya Masa. There is a large hill right near the village, from which you can do a reckon with the binoculars. If you're in a hurry, you can enter the village with D-Dog and let it mark the targets.

Help with Side Op 144 (Spoilers)

Main Page Missions Side Ops. The doctor who takes care of you is named Evangelos Constantinou M. Your name is designated as Ahab by the doctor, while Ismael is the nickname of the real Big Boss. The game is broken up into a prologue and 3 chapters: Prologue: Awakening Chapter 1: Revenge Chapter 2: Race Chapter 3: Peace Note that Chapter 3 was not completed in time, and was cut from the game.

Created by Hideo Kojima , designed by Yoji Shinkawa , and based on and played by Stefanie Joosten , Quiet appears in the action-adventure stealth game , Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain as one of the game bosses opposing the protagonist Venom Snake , but can also become an ally who can go on missions with him. The character is a skilled assassin and sniper with superhuman abilities belonging to the covert strike force XOF , a rogue division of the American intelligence agency Cipher.

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After 17 years, then, this is it - the end of Hideo Kojima's run on Metal Gear Solid, and a rousing finale for the auteur's stint on one of the greatest series in gaming. And what a way to bow out: The Phantom Pain is a twisting, expansive adventure that blows apart the Metal Gear formula, spreading it out across a rich, generous open world. So, you might find yourself needing a little help navigating it at some point. It'll point you towards points of interest, help you with strategies when it comes to The Phantom Pain's trickier bosses and guide you towards the end of an era, as well as the climax of a story that's well worth seeing through. To get things started, we're currently putting together a walkthrough for the game that will take you all the way through the core story, from the opening to the closing credits. In the coming days, we'll also be bringing you individual guides to the game's various systems and diversions, all of which you'll be able to find from this very index page.


Oct 3, - Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain walkthrough, guide and tips: All Remains of the Man On Fire; Search for the Escaped Children 1.








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