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Man united fans meet planet earth

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ESA is delighted to be present in this exhibition that aims to underline the benefits for humanity of space science and technology". Today, the two organisations are working on several joint initiatives together with an international network of space agencies, research institutions, universities and the private sector to bring the benefit of space technology to assist developing countries. This fruitful cooperation between a European organisation ESA and a world-wide organisation UNESCO is an excellent example of the global dimension of space and the many perspectives it opens up for cooperation at world-wide level. Space provides scientists with a unique vantage point from which to study our atmosphere, weather, oceans, ice caps and land, from a global scale right down to infinitesimal changes in ground movement, vegetation, ice cover etc. ESA satellites such as ERS and Envisat observe the Earth day and night to build up our knowledge of our planet, monitoring how natural or man-made phenomena evolve.


Debate: Are Manchester United And Chelsea The Best On Planet Earth?

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Earth was the homeworld of the Humans and the Voth , among others, and was a key planet to the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet.

In , with the last nation-states joining, the planet was unified under the United Earth government. It was a founding member of the Coalition of Planets in , and of the United Federation of Planets in It was also the destination of two Borg cubes.

Earth was a spheroid-shaped terrestrial planet with a circumference of 24, miles 40, kilometers , a mass of 5. The Earth system consisted of a large natural satellite named Luna. TOS : " The Changeling ". Earth's orbit around its sun , Sol , measured more than two hundred million kilometers in diameter. In the late 19th century , the orbit of Earth was depicted on a German map of the inner system.

Star Trek: Enterprise opening credits. In , the orbit of Earth was depicted on a map of the inner system, which was stored in the USS Enterprise library computer.

This was one of multiple records that were scanned by the Talosians in TOS : " The Cage " production art. This chart was scanned by the probe Nomad in auxiliary control. TOS : " The Changeling " production art.

Around 4. Approximately 3. Kirk , three hundred million years ago life had not yet emerged on Earth. Over four hundred million years ago, in the Devonian period, the genus Eryops was the last common ancestor of both warm-blooded and cold-blooded lifeforms. VOY : " Distant Origin ". Approximately sixty-five million years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous period, a comet collided with the planet Earth.

This mass extinction event resulted in the death of many reptilian lifeforms. One of the surviving lifeforms belonged to the genus Hadrosaur , which evolved into the Voth. The Voth eventually left Earth, leaving no apparent trace of their civilization, and colonized a world in the Delta Quadrant. Around the same time, mammals rose to prominence on the land and in the sea, eventually leading species like Humans and Humpback whales , respectively.

Humans and their immediate ancestors shared the basic humanoid appearance, which may be the result of genetic seeding that occurred long ago, by the first sentient species to inhabit the galaxy.

Some of these religions, in one form or the other, survived into the 23rd and 24th centuries. In the 17th century , scientist Galileo Galilei taught the masses that Earth moved around the sun and not the opposite way. For these teachings, he was tried and convicted of heresy by an inquisition of the Roman Catholic Church , and his books were burned.

DS9 : " In the Hands of the Prophets ". Earth was also visited, observed, and occasionally manipulated during its history, prior to official First Contact by Vulcans. One of the earliest extraterrestrial visits was by a race known as the Sky Spirits , originally native to the Delta Quadrant. These visits also included those by an ancient humanoid species, the Preservers , descendants of Humans abducted around BC , and Vulcans themselves, although this was disputed, as there was no proof or evidence offered by the Vulcan High Command.

The Humpback whales were being observed by an unknown entity who, upon loss of contact with the species, sent a probe to investigate the absence of whale song. In the 19th century , a race called the Skagarans abducted several thousand Humans from the American west and then used them as slave labor. The El-Aurian Guinan also stayed discreetly on Earth. In the s , the Briori visited Earth and abducted several individuals, including famous pilot Amelia Earhart. In the s , a team of Vulcan explorers were temporarily stranded on Earth.

From the mid- 20th century onward, manned and unmanned spacecraft were launched from either the surface or the orbit of Earth. In , with the successful flight of the Phoenix , Earth became warp-capable. According to Daniels , while Earth still existed in the 31st century , it did not exist in the same way as it was defined nine hundred years before.

ENT : " Cold Front ". During its long history, the existence of the planet has been threatened by both natural disasters and actions of alien intelligence.

Starfleet Headquarters on Earth, damaged after a Breen attack. A map of Earth in the 24th century. Earth was a class M world by planetary classification standards. There were a number of continents. By the 24th century , Humans had installed a Weather Modification Net to alter the natural weather patterns , including dissipating destructive weather phenomena such as tornadoes.

Once Humans began leaving Earth in the 20th century, they photographed and drew pictures of the planet for various reasons. These pictures were then displayed in homes, offices, and recreation facilities.

The earliest Hions of Earth were from the space agencies which sent Humans into space. These included official mission photos and insignia. Many of these images were preserved into the 22nd century and beyond. Earth was devastated in several alternate timelines. In , Spock was shown a possible future where Earth, as well as many other planets, were devastated.

Accidental time travel from led to the premature death of Gabriel Bell in An altered future was created where the more inhumane wars of the 21st century left Earth a pre-warp civilization that never even expanded to the solar system. Earth devastated in the 31st century. When the temporal agent Daniels was instructed to remove Jonathan Archer from the timeline in and bring him to the 31st century , an alternate future was created where the United Federation of Planets was never formed and a planet where Daniels had come from was almost completely destroyed.

Earth in an alternate timeline where an anti-time eruption fills the sky. In , an alternate past was created for Earth by the anti-time eruption , where 3.

This was how the Q Continuum fulfilled its judgment to deny Humans existence. Keeler went on to form a massive pacifist movement in America, delaying the country's entry into World War II, allowing Nazi Germany time to develop the A-bomb first and take over the world.

Nazi Territory in North America. In another alternate timeline, Lenin was assassinated in , preventing Russia from turning to communism. This allowed Adolf Hitler to concentrate his war effort on the West. In an alternate timeline, the Borg were successful at preventing First Contact in and assimilated the Earth. In , the assimilated Earth had an atmosphere containing high concentrations of methane , carbon monoxide , and fluorine. It had a population of approximately nine billion Borg drones.

Star Trek: First Contact. The Earth was completely destroyed in two alternate timelines. In one of the timelines, Jonathan Archer's brain was infected by interspatial parasites and Earth was destroyed by the Xindi weapon in This timeline was erased in when the parasites were destroyed by a subspace implosion aboard Enterprise — because the organisms existed outside normal space-time, their elimination prevented Archer from ever being infected in the first place.

ENT : " Twilight ". In another alternate timeline, Earth and the entire solar system was destroyed by a massive temporal explosion in the 29th century. The explosion was caused by Henry Starling , when he used the stolen timeship Aeon to travel from the 20th century into the 29th century through an unstable temporal rift.

In the year of the alternate reality , the Romulan mining vessel Narada fired on Earth using a drill platform. Nero was attempting to dig a hole to Earth's core and create a black hole using red matter to destroy the planet.

Luckily, Spock was able to destroy the drill well before it could reach the planet's core. Star Trek. Star Trek Into Darkness. In the mirror universe , Earth's counterpart was the capital of the Terran Empire.

History followed a similar yet skewed course on this Earth, by comparison to the history of Earth in the United Federation of Planets, with a more violent, war-ridden past.

According to Jonathan Archer , the Empire existed "for centuries" prior to A significant divergence in the timeline was the official First Contact with the Vulcans in ; Zefram Cochrane shot the Vulcan who greeted him , and, with the other Humans present, stormed the Vulcan ship, taking its technology, which allowed the Empire to expand.

DS9 : " Crossover ". Professor Jennifer Sisko had an image of Earth on a uniform she wore while working for the Alliance in DS9 : " Through the Looking Glass ".

In the reverse negative antimatter universe , where the flow of time was reversed, Arret was Earth's counterpart. A list of all actual appearances of planet Earth excluding holodecks, simulations, visions, opening credits, etc. Gene Roddenberry preferred that Star Trek writers used the name "Earth" for the planet instead of "Terra".

He wrote, " It means simply that our stories deal with plant and animal life, plus people, quite similar to that on earth [ Socrates" which hypothesized that Earth of Star Trek 's era may have been secretly under telepathic observation by an alien society over centuries , "Reason" which seemed to suggest that the decimation of intelligent life on Earth, leaving merely a robot society, had been a "long speculative" issue on Earth and "Torx" which pertained to "the first major menace to Earth," a non-corporeal alien being that "devours" intelligence such as that which "the Earth could supply in quantity".

In a fantasy scene included in the script for first Star Trek pilot episode " The Cage " dated 20 November but not included in that installment, an Earth trader referred to Captain Pike as having sent Earth "blistering" reports about Orion traders. When it came to depicting a digital matte painting of Mojave in the remastered version of "The Cage" and " The Menagerie, Part II ", the ethos behind Star Trek 's presentations of the planet proved inspirational. So, it was very important for us to make sure that everything looked beautiful and lush and green and living, because that's the planet of the future.

During the making of Star Trek: The Original Series , representing Earth of the 23rd century was virtually impossible. Moore noted, " Kirk and company never went to present day 23rd century Earth, their contemporaneous Earth, ever. Visiting Earth might also involve the use of costly spacedocks and other ships, though these were all in very short supply on TOS.

Planet Earth Is Blue

The screenplay was conceived by Jerome Bixby in the early 60s and completed on his deathbed in April The film gained recognition in part for being widely distributed through Internet peer-to-peer networks, which raised its profile. The film was later adapted by Schenkman into a stage play of the same name. The plot focuses on John Oldman, a departing university professor, who claims to be a Cro-Magnon or Magdalenian caveman who has secretly survived for more than 14, years.

Earth was the homeworld of the Humans and the Voth , among others, and was a key planet to the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet. In , with the last nation-states joining, the planet was unified under the United Earth government. It was a founding member of the Coalition of Planets in , and of the United Federation of Planets in

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Manchester United had to go to the other side of the world to become champions of it and, in truth, jet lag was almost a bigger obstacle to winning the Club World Cup than Ecuadorean opponents who left any ambition back in the Andes. Fittingly, United did it with a goal from Wayne Rooney that was out of this world. United prevailed because they possessed the technical quality and clever, speedy movement to conjure up decisive moments as in the 73rd minute. Michael Carrick slid the ball to the edge of the area. Ronaldo turned and teased a pass across to Rooney, who was arriving from the left. So much still needed to be done. Liga de Quito players formed a human Andes, but Rooney effortlessly bent the ball around them and into the goal. Simply magical. It was soft but if you do it in front of the referee you give yourself no chance. Ferguson does know the suspension will come at the worst time: against Inter Milan in the last 16 of the Champions League: definitely the first leg, possibly the second as well.

Xtra Minute — When England fans meet Planet Earth 😂

Borussia Dortmund have appointed a sports psychologist to prepare the club for the restart of the league amid the coronavirus pandemic. The U. Soccer Federation will no longer argue in court that the women's national team players perform work requiring less skill than men. A federal judge said members of the U.

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Nearly 70 Percent Of Planet Earth Watches English Premier League

The flag was presented to astronaut Steve Swanson who flew the banner around the universe as their craft orbited around planet Earth. Manchester United are top of the league — and on top of the world thanks to one Russian Red Devil. Alexey Yakovlev sent his beloved flag of the Old Trafford club into space thanks to friends on the International Space Station. Yakovlev, who lives in the Chkalovsky region of Moscow, passed the flag on to NASA astronaut Steve Swanson who flew the red, white and black banner while the craft orbited the Earth.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans - Full Documentary - Directed by Jeff Gibbs

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Meet the NASA intern who discovered a new planet on his third day

The English Premier league for some time now is being considered the best league by all parameters — a recent UEFA European leagues ranking; its marketing success while penetrating homes with ease all across Asia to South America; success of Arsenal and Liverpool in the Champions league the past three years; Manchester United and Chelsea locked in a tight EPL finish race till the last day and the same teams again locking horns in Moscow for Champions League silverware. A quick look at the data of all other European clubs suggests not many even come close to these two giants in terms of on field performances this year. I made a base criterion of qualification as a Teams which have averaged more than 2 points gained per game played in any competition. Rest of the pack can be straightaway counted out as none were close to winning their home leagues, although Barcelona and Liverpool ran their opponents close in Champions League semi finals. The league race is considered a correct parameter for consistency check Looking at the pros and cons of these four pretenders to the throne. Bayern Munich a Won their Bundesliga much ahead of time. Inter Milan a Still fighting and favorites for the Serie A trophy b Still fighting for a season double, alive in Copa Italia race c Done in by a debatable early red card at Anfield, which upset their Champions League campaign.

May 11, - 11th and 21st May will tell us who amongst Manchester United or Debate: Are Manchester United And Chelsea The Best On Planet Earth? against Chelsea and Manchester United are, although they meet at Moscow, they Sheikh Mansour and Khaldoon Al-Mubarak got #SharkTeam fans salivating.

Sign In. Planet Earth II Hide Spoilers. As Planet Earth I was released about ten years ago, a visual improvement could have been expected due to the use of advanced technology, but man, did they up their game. The camera-work and the use of music were both truly superb, as well as the editing in which different sub- segments were all synced so well with the narrating of it by David Attenborough.

Manchester United flag flown in SPACE after NASA astronaut given banner by Russian fan


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Planet Earth from Space to Place – ESA at UNESCO exhibition


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