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How to find girl in jakarta

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This post will tell you about some of the best bars and nightclubs to pick up sexy girls in Jakarta. Many people have the complete wrong impression about Indonesia. They think just because it is a Muslim country there is no nightlife, no alcohol, no prostitution, and all of the girls are going to be virgins until marriage. Most Indonesian girls are very prude, the vast majority of them have zero interest in casual sex or even going to a disco. But this is a massive city, one of the biggest on the planet. At the best nightclubs to meet hot girls for sex in Jakarta there will be plenty of them out that are looking for hook ups and often they want to hook up with foreign men.

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Picking Up Jakarta Girls – My Hook-Up Game Plan!

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Jakarta, Indonesia. The information contained within this forum should not be construed as recommendations upon which you can rely without further personal consideration. None of the postings on this forum constitute offers or solicitations to buy any products or services from the Expat Web Site Association.

All opinions and statements are made in a personal capacity by the posters to this forum and they are solely responsible for the contents of their posts..

For further information, please consult our Posting Guidelines. Login or Sign Up. Search in titles only Search in Personals only Search. Forums Blogs Articles Groups. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 5. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 template Next. Hi guys, Perhaps something of a polarizing post, but maybe it will spark some interesting discussion. Anyway, let's cut to the chase: I've been in Jakarta two months - IMO it's a great city, with, by and large, lovely inhabitants.

Indonesian culture is exciting and intriguing, and I'm glad to have connected with many different people here who have impressed me with their hospitality, generosity and openness.

However, I now feel like the time has come for me to find a serious relationship. And that's where I'm finding difficulties. Bars and Nightclubs have proven to be a complete write-off Dating sites have proven much the same - plenty of interest, but very difficult to find someone I really click with.

I'm kind of a nerd - I'm interested in women who are smart, educated, perhaps introverted. Women with an interesting take on life, and with well-developed opinions on topics they care about. Girls with substantial careers, education, or aspirations.

I accept that it's not a western country, and levels of education may naturally differ from what I'm accustomed to. However, I know the smart girls must be here - any country has it's clever people, and I've met some really intelligent, accomplished Indonesian guys here doing big things. Anyone have any idea how I go about finding them? Hope this doesn't offend anyone.

In no way is it meant as an insult to Indonesian women's intelligence - I know there are smart girls here. I just want to know how to go about meeting one!

Last edited by RickH ; , Tags: None. I spent a late nite in Loewy is this how you spell the name? Many many bright Indonesian girls, office girls who made it already, hang out with the intention to extent their networking, having fun, meeting new friends, or just simply looking for husband. You just need to look around.. Those who wearing less heels, less make up.. Comment Post Cancel. Rick - I don't mean this to sound snide mate but what you need to ask yourself, before you set your sights on dating the next Indonesian Anita Ruddock, is what do you bring to the equation??

As you pointed out this is the East and not the West and the type of successful high flying intellectual business women here would not be interested in a busted arse English teacher on a grand a month, just because he is white. My honest advise would be to seek out girls where you work you didn't mention your job obviously if you are in an office or work within a professional business climate the girls within that environment will also be educated to a much higher standard than your average bar slut.

Even the ugly ones in the office have good looking mates that are probably also working in similar jobs, or went to university with or whatever. What I would do is have a dinner party to celebrate 3 happy months in Jakarta, its a good enough excuse for a bit of a bash. Tell the best dozen good looking birds you know through work to come and join you in a swanky restaurant in Kemang on a Friday night and have a dinner party.

Tell them to each bring a couple of their good looking friends along for company and to make the mix more exciting. Then just put on your host with the most head, splash some cash, keep it light and non nerdy and get in amongst it - if by the end of the night you haven't met at least 3 or 4 women that you would like to see again I would be very surprised. Usually intelligent women are reluctant to get too close to you if they think you're only interested in a quick shag.

What you need to do is give it all that "I'm interested in women who are smart, educated, introverted, interesting take on life, aspirations" bit then leave it at that. No need to push too hard. You have sewn the seeds of interest and I guarantee you come the following week the calls will start to come in from these women about how their friend would like to see you again. Think of it as "networking" you may need to have meetings with a quite a few companies until the deal gets signed.

If nothing else you will be into a network of nice intelligent girls and that will lead to invitations, dinners and other social interactions where you will at least have a chance of meeting someone special. If you don't just go back to the udang prawns knowing that you at least made some intelligent female friends for intellectual dinner dates and stimulating conversation, therefore having two different groups to stimulate and satisfy two entirely different needs.

Last edited by ScooterIndo ; , If you don't want bar girls, stop going to bars. Enroll in a course or two taught in English at UI or other University and hang out on campus.

And in other news, "Jakarta, a great city Jaime C. Dating sites can work if you put a lot of effort into it. Are you ready to get married? I ask this because many of the smarter women will be looking to get married.

Especially if they're in the age bracket. A "serious relationship" without marriage on the near horizon just doesn't work for many women here. Families will put a lot of pressure on their kids. Originally posted by ScooterIndo View Post. Lost in Jakarta's trafic jam. Originally posted by LittleMonster View Post. Speaking from experience scoot?

Scoot is right tho, you want lets say a very good woman, but how good are you? I am speaking from experience indeed. Originally posted by waarmstrong View Post. Oh do tell more please from the beginning Wow, thanks guys. Great comments. Miss N: Thanks. I've never been actually, since it's quite far from my place - but you're not the first person to mention Loewy to me. Will check it out for sure. Scoot: Genius I love your general "networking" approach, rather than dating and bars - thanks for that.

I think you're really onto something. In terms of "but what do you bring to the table? I agree that in order to get a high-quality girl, you have to be a high-quality guy yourself. I'll let the girls judge me on that one Still, I'll give the dating sites another shot.

Regarding marriage - I'll be honest, no, it's not something I'm ready for in the medium term, although I never rule these things out. I get that that might be an issue. Good point. Googling courses now. Cheers guys - I appreciate it. Originally posted by RickH View Post. Help Contact Us Go to top. Yes No. OK Cancel.


Jakarta women are simply outstanding — physically and otherwise… And welcoming forward foreign men. With time, your list of women to meet grows — And can become a kind of job to deal with all of them…. If you are into the pay for play scene, consider reading the Jakarta sex guide instead of this article.

Anyone who has ever experienced the Jakarta nightlife scene will tell you that it is an eclectic mix of everything that makes for a great night out. The place is loaded with great bars, restaurants, karaoke joints, clubs, and of course, stunning women. From Wednesday night through to Sunday morning, parts of the city come to life and shine brightly with the promise of unforgettable adventures.

Jakarta is becoming one of the most popular cities in Southeast Asia among single men who are looking for some fun with the local ladies. First, a big drawback for a lot of people to come here has always been the terrible traffic situation and bad air pollution. Combine that with the fact that this is a city of more than 10 million people, it was nothing unusual to sit in the taxi for more than 1 hour to get for example from your hotel in modern South Jakarta to one of the naughty sex parlors in North Jakarta. Fortunately, with more and more construction of MRT lines getting finished including the airport train , navigating around Jakarta has never been more stress-free and quick.

Beginner’s Guide To Sex In Jakarta

Indonesian girls are a topic near and dear to my heart. After traveling and seducing chicks throughout the country for months on end, I found myself dating an absolutely stunning and sweet girl. While the relationship only lasted a few months, it was a special time. We were able to explore her unique country together, and I got a taste of authentic Indonesian culture. The literal translation of the word means Albino. You want to know about Indonesian girls. They certainly were on mine!

Best Places To Meet Girls in Jakarta for 2020

Jakarta — the Indonesian capital — has lots to offer. Get ready to experience a completely different culture, lots of beautiful attractions and connections to pretty much every nice part of the country. It is the second most populous urban area after Tokyo and it boosts over 30 million people. I am taking a wild guess here, but I bet there are at least a few million single Jakarta girls hanging around.

If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Jakarta and a dating guide then you have come to the right place.

Indonesia is another destination for your Asian holiday, and there are lots of places to find sex in Jakarta. Its major city is Jakarta and the nightlife is as interesting in Thailand. But one word of caution, Jakarta is not as flamboyant as Bangkok or Pattaya.

Dating Indonesian Girls In 2019 – The Complete Guide!

Girls here tend to have a deep admiration for beauty and cosmetics which probably explains why the beauty industry is thriving in Indonesia. These girls have distinctively lovely skin, are not extra tall, and their natural smile will sweep you off your feet. In fact, they are known as the thickest of the Asian girls. Men are looking for a woman that will take care of them, be a mother to their children, and get things running without complaining or being bothersome about it.

The majority of your club is rates low And its supposed to be the best 8? I cant imagine the rating on no 9 n onwards then, haha Zav. Jakarta is an easy city to pick up girls, but not necessarily in nightclubs. Online is much better. As a point of clarification, the line between prostitutes and "normal girls" is rather thin.

How to Seduce Indonesian Girls

Jakarta, Indonesia. The information contained within this forum should not be construed as recommendations upon which you can rely without further personal consideration. None of the postings on this forum constitute offers or solicitations to buy any products or services from the Expat Web Site Association. All opinions and statements are made in a personal capacity by the posters to this forum and they are solely responsible for the contents of their posts.. For further information, please consult our Posting Guidelines. Login or Sign Up.

Aug 4, - It was not easy to find pretty girls as most of them are drunk and they look messy. If you are in a picture and want it removed just email me thibaud.

The Indonesian capital city of Jakarta has many beautiful girls for you to check out when you happen to be in town. The sheer population of women in this city makes it a great opportunity for any single male foreigner to explore. In this guide I wanted to give you an brief introduction to Indonesian girls, and give you an idea about the best places to meet and pick up girls in Jakarta. Most of the daytime activities involving girls is quite limited, due to Indonesia being a Muslim dominant country. So you need to respect the cultural norms.

Meet Girls in Jakarta







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