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Get friend to stop cutting

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Top Rated Answers. Try to find out more about why your friend does it. Self-harm can be a way of dealing with your emotions. When you are feeling a lot of anxiety or distress, cutting yourself may be a way to distract yourself from these overwhelming emotions. Another reason for doing it might be that when you self-harm, that might be the only time people actually show their worry or care for you.

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How to stop yourself or someone else from cutting

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Top Rated Answers. Try to find out more about why your friend does it. Self-harm can be a way of dealing with your emotions. When you are feeling a lot of anxiety or distress, cutting yourself may be a way to distract yourself from these overwhelming emotions. Another reason for doing it might be that when you self-harm, that might be the only time people actually show their worry or care for you.

If people otherwise ignore you, but only show that they care when you hurt yourself, it is no wonder that you cut yourself. This might be the only strategy you know to get warmth and care from other people. I would say you should discuss this with your friend, show understanding, and together try to work out other strategies for her to deal with her emotions or to get close to other people. Did you find this post helpful? I myself cut and i know that if i had a friend that knew of my problem i would want them to be there for me and make me feel better.

I would want them to be someone to turn to if i ever felt the need. You can't stop her, unfortunately She can only make herself stop. The best and the only thing you can do for her is being there for her and give her your support. You have to show them you are really for them but give them their space, they will appreciate it. Talk to them, hang with them, make sure they forget the problem that lead them to start cutting.

They will thank you for that. You cannot control the actions of others. What you can do, is let them know that you do care about them. Ask them what they are thinking about when they decide to harm themselves, allow them to express thier fears and feelings and simply listen or ask open ended questions if it seems there is something more they need to say.

Being there for them will go a long way, try not to judge them or make hurtful threats. Ultimately, if it persists, you may need to help them find a mental health professional. However, do not allow yourself to feel guilty or discouraged if you cannot help them stop.

You are a great friend for trying! Anonymous May 21st, am. A good start is to check out internet resources for your friend. Share the results with him or her and see what can be helpful. Most importantly, see that your friend receives appropriate treatment for their injuries.

Talk to them about what's making them want to cut. Show that you're there for your friend and that you care about their well being. Anonymous November 28th, pm. Understand that it's not your responsibility. Once you have that, it becomes easier for you to seek help from outside sources for example a counselor if they are not already seeing one. Be there for them and support them however always put you first, if it gets too much reach out See if they will seek professional help Distract them, e.

There are lots of good organisations who specialise in helping those suffering with self harm. It is not something to be ashamed of. Be there for your friend. Let them know you love them and will be there for them. If you know why they cut, maybe help them to work on the issue. Try letting her know that there are other ways.

Sitting down with her and deeply discussing how she feels can help a lot. Let her know you are listening. Sometimes its hard to face up to the things people we love are doing to themselves. What we cannot do is control the lives of others, if you've already asked said friend to stop and they've said no, it might be helpful to give them the lines for samaritans and other help services in a friendly and gentle way - whilst offering your own support to be there if they ever need to talk.

If you are under the age of 16, it might be useful to let a teacher, a tutor or another adult know that your friend is self harming after telling your friend you're going to have to tell an adult about the way they are behaving.

Anonymous December 7th, am. Be there for them, speak to them and advise them to seek help immediately because it could get worse and we don't want that. No matter what another person does, the first thing you got to realize is that sometimes you can't help people. They refuse to get help for themselves. Dangerous things like cutting may require intervention beyond your help, and that's when voicing your concern to someone in authority becomes important.

To stand and do nothing when your friend is hurting yourself is not being a friend. Anonymous May 10th, am. Try to understand why they feel like they need to cut, and try to accept that they are responsible for their actions and that they will change when they feel ready.

I think you should talk to her about it. Always be there for her and help her open up to you. Let her know that she isn't alone and that she has someone to talk to when she wants to. If you help her feel better and safe then she'll stop cutting.

Also try convincing her that cutting herself won't help and in fact make the problem worse. I know these are pretty basic and obvious stuff but there's not much to it. You should just be there for her and be a good friend. Anonymous December 22nd, pm. People cut for two reasons.

The first reason is they are looking for someone to pay attention to them you will see the cuts on their arms and in other visible places , in which case you are only able to let them know that you are there for them and is someone they can rely on.

At the same time you can encourage them to seek professional help to address the reason they are cutting. The other reason individuals cut is because they feel a rush when they cut and it helps alleviate some emotional pain they are experiencing in their life. In this instance the only thing you can do is try to get them to seek out counseling and therapy to address the emotional trauma they are experiencing. In either case, try to be there for your friend and let them know about other resources.

Tell her how concerned you are and urge her to seek professional help. If she reaches a point where she is going to commit suicide, contact the police immediately. Otherwise, try giving her the national suicide prevention hot line. Anonymous July 23rd, pm. You can't FORCE her to stop cutting, but you can try to talk in a way only a friend can, by saying how much she means, and trying to help her with her emotions.

Maybe you could invite her onto 7cups to talk with some of us. If your friend is not seeking any form of help, such as therapy, then it may be best to go to a trusted adult that would be able to find your friend help. Just be there for them, let them know that your friendship will not change and that you care for them.

Anonymous December 22nd, am. Rather than focusing on the cutting itself, focus on the cause of it. Let them know that when they feel like cutting that they can talk to you.

Sometimes having someone to vent about whatever is causing them to cut is enough to stop them doing it. Anonymous January 12th, pm. Try to give them hope for the future, male them participate in different hobbies and socialise alot more. Anonymous May 10th, pm. Anonymous January 31st, am. You can remind them that you'll always be there for them, and tell them you'll always help until the end. Because you love them as friends or not and they are worth everything.

Try making them forget about sad things and try avoiding that subject a bit. But it's sometimes necessary to speak about it.

Anonymous February 6th, am. Do your best to relate to them, and do not stop trying to get them help. Ask them what they would do if a close friend of theirs hurt themselves, how terrible they would feel. Never act like they're being accused but just put everything into perspective. Anonymous August 28th, am. Let them know you are there for them to talk to, support them as much as you can. When they are ready to stop they will, they know themselves best.

Anonymous November 21st, am. Ask them to seek help. It is imperative that they get help from a crisis hotline or seek serious professional help.

Talk to a trusted adult, if you're a minor. If not, then talk to your friend directly.

Help, My Friend Is Cutting

Cutting is a form of self-harm that can become a habit. With the right support, many people who cut learn how to stop. Self-harm, including cutting, is not uncommon. Anyone of any age may be affected by self-harm, but it is more common among people in their teens. The sense of relief from cutting can be so reinforcing that it may be difficult to stop doing it, compelling people to cut again the next time they feel overwhelmed.

The thought that a friend might be self-injuring can be shocking and confusing. You may be angry and frustrated with your friend for hurting themselves, and you may have no clue about what to do or how to help.

You want to know how you can help a friend who is cutting. When someone tells you they are cutting, they are struggling and looking for someone to listen. Bullying, divorce, death of a parent, for example. It can go from being a habit to an addiction which is dangerous. So something like the script below, although simplistic and probably corny, it will give you the idea of a direction in which to go can help you help a friend who is cutting.

6 Things Your Child Needs From You to Reduce Cutting (Self-Harm) Behaviors

If someone you love is hurting themselves through self-harm , you may feel at a loss. Self-harm is typically best understood as an unhealthy coping mechanism for emotional suffering, according to the National Alliance on Mental Health NAMI. Other possible reasons for self-harm include trying to break through emotional numbness, avoiding distressing memories, signaling a need for help, punishing themselves, or needing to exert a sense of control, according to the U. National Library of Medicine. A lot of how you handle this will depend on the specific situation. Mental health experts do still have some suggestions for how you may and may not want to approach this conversation. If your friend has not told you that they are self-harming but you have reason to believe they are, open with something simple and straightforward. Cantor says.

What to say to someone who tells you they are cutting

I have written many blogs on the subject of cutting. But, today, I want to talk specifically to the friends of cutters. This can be a hard subject to talk about and it can be a very sensitive subject to the cutter so it is important to keep the following things in mind when trying to help. Someone recently wrote to me and asked : My friend is cutting.

Self-Harm is an increasingly pervasive symptom of emotional distress among adolescent girls. Because it involves physical damage to the sufferer, cutting understandably evokes distress and fear in others.

Discovering that a friend or relative self-harms can be extremely upsetting. It can be hard to understand why a person would deliberately hurt themselves, and people often go through a range of emotions, like feeling shocked, angry, saddened, confused or guilty. To help you to support the person who self-harms in an understanding and caring way, it will be useful to learn why people self-harm and about some helpful strategies before you offer your support.

5 Helpful Things to Say to a Friend Who Self-Harms (and 3 to Avoid)

Anna was wearing long sleeves under her soccer jersey again. But when Anna raised her arm, Monica noticed fresh cuts on her forearm. When she saw Monica looking at them, Anna said something about losing a fight with her mother's rose bushes. You're aware that some people — both guys and girls — cut themselves on purpose.

Cutting is a form of self-harming that is done with no intent of suicide. People who resort to multiple episodes of cutting are usually those who fall in the category of people experiencing loneliness, emptiness in the heart, those having difficult or dysfunctional relationships. People who cut themselves may also have an inability to cope with stress, an inability to express feelings and emotions owing to inadequate communication skills, have had traumatic experiences, or may have undergone abuse of some kind, which can be sexual, physical, or emotional at some point of their lives. It can be scary to find out that someone you know is cutting themselves, but you can support them by helping them cope with their emotions and encouraging them to seek professional help. Suggest to your friend or loved one that they take up exercise, like running or cycling, or a relaxation activity, such as yoga, since physical activities can help express sadness or aggression in a positive way.

Cutting and Self-Harm

Many people face extremely difficult problems on a daily basis, which can be emotionally exhausting. Cutting to feel physical pain may quickly become preferable to feeling deep emotional anguish every day. If you have succumbed to cutting, you might find it quickly turns into a dangerous addiction. It takes courage to identify the source of your emotional pain and get help, but it is worth it. Recovery can take months or even years, but this is a battle you can win. Confiding in a trusted friend or your parents, even if it means writing down your feelings in a letter is one positive step towards recovery. It controls her. She can't stop it.

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Self-harm can be a way of dealing with deep distress and emotional pain. Afterwards, you probably feel better—at least for a little while. But then the painful feelings return, and you feel the urge to hurt yourself again. Self-harm includes anything you do to intentionally injure yourself. Some of the more common ways include:.

STOP Cutting Poems

Learn more. Emma's mom first noticed the cuts when Emma was doing the dishes one night. Emma told her mom that their cat had scratched her. Her mom seemed surprised that the cat had been so rough, but she didn't think much more about it.






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